Oct 152021

MF-7875 Jaqueline, Isabel, Tay – DISGUSTING AS IT IS NewMFX

Tay and Isabel came from the street shitting themselves! They ate something that was very bad and now they have to take turns to use the bathroom, when Jaque arrives and complains about the stench. Outraged that she has just cleaned the bathroom and that her dommes are messing it up, Jaque tries to complain but Tay and Isabel don’t accept her audacious, dominating her promptly.
Now, Jack will serve as a toilet for both of them, and will have to please their asses to encourage the shit to come out. She kisses, rubs her nose and sniffs their asses, but when the shit comes out, Jack gets smeared! Tay and Isabel shit mercilessly, stuffing the slave’s body and face with shit, besides making her chew and swallow the droppings! Yuck!

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