Oct 122021

SamanthaStarfish – Shitting With A Blood Dripping Cunt ManyVids

My cunt is so bloody! It makes me unbelievably horny! My pussy is soaking wet all the time with my blood and cunt juices mixing together! And now I need to shit! I always get so turned on with an ass full of poop!

Watch me play with my bloody cunt and show you how my fingers get covered in blood. I spread my hole open so you can see how nasty and bloody my pussy is! I need to shit bad now! I spread my ass cheeks apart and start to push! You can see the blood gushing out of my pussy as my asshole opens up and a nasty load of shit slides out! My ass is crackling and making those nasty pooping noises and my pussy is dripping blood! I love talking dirty to you and telling all the nasty things my holes are doing!

I love shitting when my pussy is dripping blood! Check out this nasty, sexy, bloody pussy shit!

Enjoy 💩!

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