Sep 232021

MF-7554 Saori Kido – SHITTING IN THE LIVING ROOM Ebony Poop

Saori has a lot of things to do today and a lot of e-mails to answer on her phone… But unfortunately, she’s not feeling well. Her belly hurts and it’s way too swollen, but there’s no medicine for her to take and feel better. She slaps her belly and does a lot of positions to release her farts, making the living room smell putrid. Saori even takes off her panties to make them go out easily, but between one gas and another, a little bit of shit starts coming out.
She smells and licks it, still feeling pain and deciding to shit right there, in the middle of the living room. The brown sticky thing comes out of her ass, forming a mount of scat that Saori delights herself with. She eats, rubs all over her body and ever masturbates using it!

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